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the true benefits of chiropractic care

Chiropractic treatment can be beneficial in so many ways. When a person thinks about chiropractic care, usually they think about aches and pains being cured by an adjustment. The truth is, chiropractic treatments can do much more for the body than simply provide pain relief. The fact of the matter is, chiropractic care can improve the body's immune system and help a person feel better overall. This blog contains information about the many ways that proper chiropractic treatment can benefit the young and the old when regular appointments are made and kept. After you have read through this blog, you will have a better understanding of the true benefits of chiropractic care.

the true benefits of chiropractic care

Why Does Your Back Feel Like It Is Burning?

by Bilel Nissen

Lower back pain is often accompanied by a burning sensation. In some instances, dealing with the back pain can alleviate the burning. In others, the sensation could be an indication of a more serious underlying problem. If you are experiencing a burning sensation in your lower back, here is what you need to know:

What Is Causing the Burning Sensation?

There are various conditions that can cause a burning sensation, including muscle strain. When your muscles are overworked and strained, they are not able to withstand the pressure from the rest of your body. When that happens, the tired muscles can start to feel as if they are burning.

Another potential cause is trauma. For instance, if you suffered a slip and fall, you could rupture discs in your back. One of the symptoms of ruptured discs is a burning sensation that can sometimes seem as if it is radiating throughout your back.

Burning could also be a symptom of a spinal issue. In most instances, if you have a spinal issue, the burning will not be confined to your lower back. It can sometimes travel down your leg. This typically occurs when there is a lot of pressure placed on the nerves along the spine.

There are many other conditions that could lead to a burning sensation. Talk to your doctor to get a definitive diagnosis of the source.

What Can You Do?

Once the doctor has diagnosed the source of your condition, he or she will recommend a treatment plan. Sometimes, this can include non-surgical options, such as undergoing physical therapy. It could also be a recommendation of surgery. Your doctor will discuss the treatment with you and determine the best method for you.

In addition to following the doctor's orders, there are things you can do at home to alleviate the burning sensation and the back pain you are experiencing. One way you can help your condition is to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen as needed.

You can also try alternating heat and cold therapy to help the condition. If you do try the therapy, rest afterward. Try to avoid any activities that could aggravate your condition.

Many conditions that can lead to the burning sensation are made better with chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor to get an assessment of your condition and to learn about the treatments that could be beneficial to you.